Water element in a Lagoon gives calmness and cool feeling. We combine it with Green Environment concept and Green Development (Closer & Community) which has been our commitment to make harmony to your life with environment. Everyone in Grand Kamala Lagoon would live, work, play and enjoy life in their very own cozy residence which is well-integrated with business park, shopping mall, education center, gym, and leisure.

Grand Kamala Lagoon applies green concept in its building and area, including :

Water Reservation

Existing project site is a water reservoirs area, with a large volume and a water absorption for the surrounding area (residential and settlement) thus the presence of water at the site can not be eliminated. The water is then utilized as rainwater harvesting, flushing, etc for the apartment.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency mainly related to the building facade to minimize WWR relating to the calculation OTTV, so that the use of air conditioning can be minimized. We also focus at using renewable energy, the latest technology in electromagnetic energy power plants will be applied to minimize the use of PLN electricity. We use durable LED lamps with particular brand for energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.

Waste Recycling

In the meantime, some parts of site development is a public area as a waste disposal, so when this area transforms, the existing waste and landfills will be moved to somewhere doubtedly better. These waste have the potential to be recycled into more useful products.

Grand Kamala Lagoon applies green concept in its building and area, including :

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